photo of the National matchmaking program for suppliers development

National Matchmaking Program for Suppliers Development

One of Arminera’s pillars is, without doubt, fostering and developing new commercial operations. This Program generates a direct link between supply and demand.

In this meeting the mining companies that operate locally (exhibitors and non-exhibitors), invited by the organizers, hold meetings with national and international exhibitors.

In the 2017 edition, Messe Frankfurt Argentina paid air tickets and lodging for between 3 and 5 Managers, Superintendents, Exploration Managers, Mine Managers, Maintenance Managers and Warehouse Managers from each company. In total, 1,200 meetings were held between 20 invited local mining companies and 60 executives from mining companies and exhibitors both national and foreign. To achieve these results, customized software was developed, adapted to the Matchmakings Program’s specific needs, with the goal of matching the mining companies’ demand with the firms’ offers, and thus properly organize the required number of meetings.


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