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Mobility & Logistics worldwide

Messe Frankfurt GmbH offers a series of exhibitions, conferences and related events in the field of mobility and logistics in line with the emerging mega-trends such as digitization and decarbonization. Our vision is to focus on these issues and foster dialogue and analysis.

Access to the most dynamic economic regions

The Messe Frankfurt Group is a global network of 30 subsidiaries and close to 60 international sales partners. It is represented in 188 countries and can organize events perfectly tuned to the local context and conditions.

A worldwide network

Connected mobility - China
Connected mobility - China

The Mobility & Logistics portfolio is the meeting point for the automotive, transport and logistics industries. With about 30,000 exhibitors and 600,000 visitors, Messe Frankfurt GmbH carries out more than 40 exhibitions, conferences and related events. This global network is divided into two segments: automotive and transport & logistics, with Arminera in Buenos Aires among the latter.

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