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With important announcements Arminera came to an end

17 May 2017

A total of 261 national and international exhibitors and 7,366 visitors gathered in the greatest event of the sector in our country Besides, the 11th International Trade Fair was the place chosen by the Argentine Chamber of Mining Companies (CAEM) to announce the Federal Agreement and to officially launch the TSM initiative, a commitment with sustainable mining


There were three days to generate contacts and do business. Arminera became a thermometer to know the current situation and make out the future of an industry that has the potential of becoming one of the production pillars of the country.   

A total of 261 exhibitors from Argentina; Germany; Australia; Austria; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Spain; Finland; Poland; United Kingdom and South Africa offered their products and services to 7,366 professional visitors and businessmen coming from Argentina; Germany; Australia; Bolivia; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; England; Spain; United State; France; Mexico; Peru; Russia; Sweden and Uruguay.  

The event, carried out every two years from 1997, showed itself totally renewed organized by Messe Frankfurt Argentina, the new organizer chosen by CAEM. Said changes are part of a wide aim proposed by the new conduction of the chamber, which seeks to generate transformation both from within the activity -promoting new environmental policies and controls- and outside it –seeking to improve its image in the public opinion and in the communities which are close to the projects-.    

Opening and National Mining Industry Day  

The first day of the exhibition started with the celebration of the National Mining’s Industry Day, which gathered the main referents of the sector both in the public and the private sector.   

The Argentine Minister of Energy and Mining, Juan José Aranguren, reviewed the projects started up under his tenure and that seek to achieve "a responsible mining that helps to improve society." He also added: “Argentina is on the 5th place in Latin America and the 10th place worldwide regarding the number of projects of mining exploration, and in 2016, 40 companies of the sector established in our country and 150 million dollars were invested". 

On his part, the President of CAEM, Marcelo Álvarez, highlighted that it is the first time that an Argentine president defines mining as one of the strategic sectors for the development of the country, together with agro-industry and energy. And, in this sense, he considered that “mining should be part of the strategy of Mesas de Competitividad, a public policy devoted to improve the competition conditions of sectors defined as strategic ones." 

According to figures given by CAEM, in 2016 mining brought 58,000 million pesos in exports and supported 75,000 families (direct and indirect employment). Besides, there are 1,145 million dollars committed in mining projects which are under feasibility, construction, and exploration stage, a number that is expected to rise to 1,700 million dollars in 2018.  

Meanwhile, the governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, who also took part in the event, explained that mining is currently the main economic activity in his province and highlighted that “70% of the exportable product corresponds to products extracted from mining." I believe that “mining gives us a historic opportunity due to the employment multiplication that it implies.”  

Towards Sustainable Mining 

Arminera had as an axis the industry’s commitment with sustainable mining. For this reason, the fair was the chosen place for the formal launching of the TSM – Towards Sustainable Mining initiative.  It is a set of tools and indicators that help to measure the performance of the companies in several areas and guarantee that the main mining risks are responsibly managed.   

The companies that make up TSM commit themselves to annually assess their performance in six important areas: their relationships with the community; the conservation of biodiversity; the use of energy and greenhouse effect gas emissions; tailings management; health and safety of their employees and crisis and communication management. The results are access free for the audience and they are externally checked every three years. 

The presentation was made by Eng. Guillermo Pedoja, from the Business Chamber of Environment (CEMA). Then, the presentation was in charge of Chantal Clement, Director of Sustainability of Goldcorp Inc. Meanwhile, Tim Martin, ex Ambassador of Canada in Argentina, current president of the Diplomatic Counsel International Policy Consulting and Strategic Consultant of RESOLVE, spoke on “Human rights, Mining and Relations with Aborigines”, to deal with one of the main points of the program: the relationship with the communities.

On its part, the International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) was present in Arminera through María Fernanda Diez, who lectured on “Mining and Sustainability: the global panorama.” The ICMM is an international organization devoted to the mining industry that gathers 23 mining and metal companies worldwide and 34 regional associations. The institute seeks to strengthen the environmental and social performance by being a catalyst for the change and the improvement of the contribution of mining to society. 

Ministers of the Americas discussed the future of the activity in the region 

Within a full schedule of activities proposed, it was carried out the Matchmaking Program of Ministers of the Americas, of which took part the Assistant Deputy Minister, Lands and Minerals Sector of Canada, Marian Campbell Jarvis; the Undersecretary of Mining of Chile, Erich Schnake Walker; the Minister of Energy and Mines of the Dominican Republic, Antonio Isa Conde; the Deputy Minister of Mines of Colombia, Carlos Cante Puentes and the General Director of the Chamber of Mining of Mexico, Sergio Almazán. 

Moderated by the renowned journalist Guillermo Kohan, the officials discussed on public policies compared and the current situation of the sector in America. In the meeting, it was highlighted the importance of the knowledge exchange by the countries with greatest tradition, as well as the creation of initiatives at regional level, to face the challenges of a globalized world. 

More than 1,000 meetings for suppliers’ development 

The pillar of Arminera is undoubtedly the drive and development of new business operations. On one side, it was carried out the “Matchmaking Program for Suppliers Development”, in which 19 local mining companies, invited by the organizers, celebrated meetings with exhibiting companies. In total, 1,200 meetings among 60 mining companies executives were celebrated (exhibiting and non exhibiting ones) and national and international exhibitors.  

On the other side, Matchmaking International Programs were also carried out, in which foreign buyers from Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Peru and South Africa, contacted Argentine manufacturers from the mining industry which are able to export. In total, 200 meetings were carried out. The activity was organized by Messe Frankfurt Argentina jointly with the Argentine Agency of Investments and International Commerce.  

The President and CEO of the company, Fernando Gorbarán, said: “we worked to position the country and the mining industry, and we also aimed to attract potential investors. For this reason, matchmaking programs were organized, to show all the potential that Argentina has. On the other side, we also wished to show a great national industry, most of them small and medium companies, which is a supplier of the mining industry and wants to place its products. The idea was to create a platform in which offer and demand are present and to help these small and medium companies to insert themselves as suppliers of the mining industry." 

The professional update, another of the axes 

During the three days of the fair, the exhibiting companies gave more than 20 free trainings and product presentations in subjects such as: thermofusion; news in geosynthetics for mining; operational application of process mineralogy; smart drilling and underground solutions; safe fluid conduction; conveyor belts repair, among others.  

Besides, technical seminars were carried out, in which renowned professionals of the country lectured on “Myths and realities of the mining industry”. The SEGEMAR, besides, showed the Argentine geological potential.  

Following subjects related to sustainability and environment, practical examples and real cases were analyzed with the help of Panamerican Silver. The lecture, called “Seeds Cultivation in Christmas Project Applied to Remediation Works in Manantial Espejo Mine”, showed the intense remediation plan carried out by the company.  

Countries with great mining tradition also offered meetings and training seminars. This is the case of the Australian Embassy, which organized a seminar on “Strengths and Abilities of Australia Regarding Mining”, with the presence of the Argentine Ambassador, Noel Campbell, and the Business Counselor Minister, Shannon Powell.

Finally, the place of students. Groups of young people from several points of the country, invited by the organizers, visited the fair and were able to interact with national and international companies and organizations; to know the reach of the sector in Argentina; as well as their professional and work advantages. The aim of this kind of initiatives is to encourage them to follow university careers related to the industry and, in this way, incorporate new professionals in the area.   

The Machines in the City  

For the first time, Arminera had an outdoor machinery square. It was a 1,500 sqm space with great exhibition equipment. Companies such as Atlas Copco, Cetec Sudamericana, Larocca Minería, Liebherr, Kaeser Compresores, Finning Argentina, Repas S.A., and Mobilbox showed their latest news in compressors, generators, lighting towers, tires, loading shovels, articulated dumpers, and containers, among others.  

Visitors could have a closer contact with the industry and know the size of equipment, the scales and the technology used. 

The exhibitors, in first person 

These are statements of some companies that assessed their participation in the fair: 

“This is our third participation in Arminera. The audience was really very good, with representatives of the largest companies in the country. It has been a very fruitful exhibition. Our feedback would be that we will be present again in the next edition and we will work with each of the contacts we celebrated meetings. The matchmaking program was also very fruitful, because all the players were present. I really wish to thank for all this and see you in the next edition. [...] It was a very good organization and a very nice and spectacular one from the aesthetical viewpoint”.

“We are a company with more than 88 years in Argentina. [...] People from the purchase sector came here because is very fruitful, and this year the participation has been excellent, both from the mining companies and from the suppliers. [...] The participation of the international companies is important, helps to share ideas and improve the processes.”

“We are present in Arminera for the second time. The first one was in 2013, and if we compare it with this edition, we see a lot of specific visitors from the mining industry. We see a stronger, larger and crowded exhibition. We took part in matchmaking programs, in which we contacted some of our customers and we also developed new ones. We are very pleased to be here, we received lots of queries. We see a growing industry. [...] The value of this Arminera was the audience.”

“We participate in the exhibition representing several South African companies and we are being accompanied by Cerro Vanguardia, which is a mining company of South African capitals that are in the south of Argentina with a gold and silver project. We also have companies that supply services and capital goods for mining [...]. The participation was really good. We participate in the matchmaking program, we believe that it is a space in which we can know buyers from the main mining projects, and you can know the services that South Africa has to offer. The country is a leader regarding mining, has many years of experience and Argentina may learn from this experience. There are many areas in which we can generate cooperation and complementarity, thus we will go on participating [...]. It is seen that Argentina is open to receive new opportunities and investments, and that is very good.”

“If there is something that I should highlight of this edition of Arminera, it is the matchmaking program as something very positive and different. It allowed us to see how the market is, to keep contact with customers and to establish new ones. We will gladly come back. We are always present in Arminera and this edition was positive, thus we hope that the next one will be even larger. [...] There was a lot of communication with organizers, both in the period prior to the exhibition as well as during it, and finally the contact with customers and suppliers is seen. I really highlight the excellence in the organization in this edition of Arminera.”

“We have brought from Australia several services companies and also an expert in relationships with community. We are really very impressed by the great support Messe Frankfurt and CAEM gave us to be present in this edition, that I will call “new” because it has been organized by Messe Frankfurt. Our experience has been great; we organized a seminar and a reception with the participation of the Ambassador. The coverage of the event and the support we receive was very positive. We will come back and we wish to be present with more companies [...] accompanying and developing the mining sector, which in Australia has 200 years of experience [...]”

The next edition of Arminera will be carried out on May 7-9, 2019 in Centro Costa Salguero of Buenos Aires City, Argentina. 

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Background information on Argentine Chamber of Mining Companies (CAEM) 
The Argentine Chamber of Mining Companies (CAEM) was founded in 1991 as a result of the joint decision of the most important companies already present in the market, and with the purpose of strengthening and streamlining the potential of the mining industry. CAEM represents its members before the country’s authorities and abroad, as well as before individuals and private companies, promotes congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, events and publications and encourages the exchange with public institutions and private organizations connected to mining activities, locally and abroad.   The Argentine Chamber of Mining Companies (CAEM) gathers all of the mining activities. It represents - in every production stage – those companies dedicated to metalliferous and non-metalliferous mining and construction materials. It also gathers the Exploration Chambers, the provincial Chambers of the industry and suppliers: from machinery manufacturers to consumer goods and services companies, as well as technical, legal and financial advisors. 

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