Promotional Material for Official supporters

Communicate  your participation as an official supporter of Arminera!

In adition to the digital material that you can download for free, as an official supporter you will be able to use a Digital Marketing Platform to promote  your presence, before, during and after the event. From a micro website, digital invitations, banners and posts for social media, all the pieces are customized for each institution.

Customized Digital Materials

Arminera - Digital Material
  • Customized micro website: Perfect tool for generating new contacts, attracting potential partners and obtaining relevant information about those who visited your site and then registered to the exhibition. 
  • Digital pieces: Share them with all your contacts through different channels.
  • Banners: Available in different sizes and ready to embed in your website and newsletters.
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Event logos

Incorporate them to your advertising pieces.

Arminera: Event logo and eye-catching

Social media post

Communicate your participation as supporter to all your contacts!

Arminera - Social post


Print and display it in a prominent place in your institution, where everyone can see it.

Arminera: Poster


Add them to your website and newsletters.

Arminera: Banners

Remember that gifs must link to:


Add them to the e-mails of institution's staff and members.

Arminera: e-signatures

Consult the instructions for use of e-signatures.

Printed invitations

Request the invitations indicating the amount you will need by e-mail: The Institutional Team will inform you when they are ready for you to collect.

Afterwards, add the name of your company and your booth number in the blank space designated: "You have been invited by:" and distribute them among your contacts.

Spread your news!

Together with our Communication and Press team, spread the news and novelties of your entity through press releases and newsletters.

Send us articles which you think may be of interest to mass and/or specialized media and the general public, about new projects or novelties of your institution related to the theme of the exhibition. We will publish them, free of charge, through different channels (press releases, social networks and/or newsletters), depending on delivery times and content. Illustrate your material including images, photos and the logo of your company.

Complete the news file and send it to The sooner you send it, the better chances it will have to be released in a timely manner.

The success obtained in terms of publications depends exclusively on the interest generated by the news article in the media, and it is not linked to our specific press efforts.


If you have any questions or additional information about the news file, please contact the Institutional Team.

María Paula Gamarra

Communication Assistant

María Paula Gamarra

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